Supply Chain Election Issues (Insights from Indago Members)

The United States will hold elections tomorrow for President and members of Congress. Regardless of who wins, which issue/policy related to supply chain management should the government focus on improving first?

We asked our Indago members that question last week, and by a wide margin, “Transportation Infrastructure” topped the list.

Source: Indago (n = 17)

“Although tariffs have impacted our business greatly, I think the overall transportation infrastructure is a top priority, from lack of drivers to overall [transportation issues] within major cities,” said one of the member respondents. “Also, [need to account for the] overall impact of more product moving across the existing network with continued delays [in] air, rail and over the road.”

Or as another respondent put it, “Transportation infrastructure is definitely the burning platform that is most likely to cause catastrophic failures in the supply chain.”

Here are some other value-added comments from our Indago members, who are all supply chain and logistics professionals from manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies:

“Infrastructure has been neglected and is critically important and requires a federal lead. It has been talked about but not acted on.”

“It’s a fundamental role of the government to provide well-functioning infrastructure to facilitate trade and communication.”

“Improve the roadways of America to ensure interstate trucking is not inhibited by poorly maintained highways. We have seen too many bridges and roadways closed due to deterioration and prioritizing their rebuild can only improve logistical networks.”

“We need serious work on our national transportation infrastructure. The federal government should focus on state, private, and federal funds for key projects in transportation. Our infrastructure continues to decline and if we are not careful it could create serious transportation issues.”

“The US needs to focus on increasing or renegotiating free trade agreements, especially now as they are an added benefit to increased resiliency by redistributing importers’ supply chains.”

Do you agree that Transportation Infrastructure is the supply chain “burning platform” government leaders should focus on moving forward? Post a comment and share your perspective!

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